One of the best ways of making money as a musician is to sell music online.iTunes is a platform that iPhone users go to when in need of ringtones for their smartphones. That said and done, how do you get started? What are your options, and what are the procedures? There is only one way to find out. If interested, keep reading because it is an incredible way of ensuring that you pocket more money from your music.

  1. Uploading on iTunes

It is as simple as completing the application to offer content on the platform. You get to choose the type of content to intend to share, in this case, Music. You also need to confirm that your company is ready to sell the content on this platform. You get to know all the requirements ranging from technical to content to financial needs.

Technical requirements include:

  • A Mac
  • OS X 10.10 or a newer version than that
  • 512 MB RAM and higher
  • 20 GB hard disk or more
  • Using an Apple-approved encoding house

Contents requirements include:

  • A catalog with not less than 20 albums
  • ISRCs for every track you want to distribute
  • UPCs, EANs, or JANs for each product you plan to distribute

Financial requirements include:

  • S. tax ID
  • An iTunes Store account that’s valid, including a credit card on file
  • Meeting a payment threshold before receiving any pay

If you meet all the requirements, complete the process and follow all the prompts to the end.

  1. Third-party Aggregators

This is a music distributor who takes the burden of uploading your ringtones on iTunes off your shoulder. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to worry about the format because they will work on it to ensure that it is in the right format as per Apple’s standards.

The aggregator will ensure that your music meets all the procedural and technical submission requirements. Additionally, they will take care of tagging and encoding. With all that out of your mind, it becomes easy to make money on iTunes.

It also means that you need not worry about the requirements needed to sell ringtones on iTunes directly. After all, they can be hard to meet if you are not an iOS user. You don’t need to buy a Mac just to sell ringtones on iTunes. It may also be a challenge to have many albums at the beginning. Neither do you need to meet the payment threshold to receive your dues, no doubt.

From uploading to payment, your aggregator will handle everything in the future. It comes at a price, though, but one must say that it is justifiable. An excellent Third-party aggregator is MusicDigi. Once you create an account with the site and upload your ringtones, it will distribute it to various music downloading and streaming sites, including iTunes. After that, every download earns you Money, and that’s something incredible.


If you want to sell ringtones, you can consider iTunes as a platform to do so. The above discussion puts at your disposal two ways to use. One of them, which uses iTunes directly, means more hassle but comes free with a higher commission. The other one comes at a price, less commission but saves you a lot of work. So, choose the best according to your needs.

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