Did you ever think about what you can do to the gunk that was stuck in the dab rig after some time? Though you may be trying to clean it as much as you can, but often you find that a few dark matters are always left behind.

However, what can you do about it? Here, in this article let us show how you can make the most out of the leftovers of your dabbing.

A few different dabs reclaim catchers

You may find dabs reclaim catchers of several types – a few drop-down attachments may have a receptacle fitted at its bottom that you can see directly under your nail. Usually, the catcher remains attached with the dropdown along with a keck-clip to keep it in place.

There are a few dabs reclaim catchers that have got removable silicone caps meant for easy harvesting.

There is another type of such reclaim catcher that has got a similar shape, almost like an ash catcher used for your bong. The basic difference is that such reclaim catchers are a little smaller and may not have any percolators inside to offer extra filtration.

A few reclaim catcher adapters may have got a tube that will extend from the joint to a waterless chamber. Such reclaim receptacle may either be a certain silicone container or a removable kind of glass tube.

For making things a bit easier and convenient, a few glassmakers have incorporated one reclaim catcher near their joint of the rig. It will make your reclaim a little tedious and difficult, but it will perform the job.

You may also find such a delta 8 cartrdiges from an online shop like Express Smoke Shop.

How does it work?

While taking a dab, a few concentrates may either condense into wax or may spill over the rig. By attaching any dab reclaim catcher, you can direct the vapor to travel down to catcher tubes.

By using this dropdown reclaim catcher, your vapor will get a longer path and will get cooled down.  A few will find it difficult to maintain the reclaim within this dropdown reclaim catcher, particularly while doing low-temperature dabs. After the vapor will reach inside your dab rig, already it will cool down and lead to further condensation.

By having a straight reclaim catcher, you can get a better reclaim. The vapor will get settled down at the reclaim catcher’s bottom. The pure vapor will go back and pass through.

For the dab rig having a reclaim catcher, the entire vapor will swirl inside your reclaim catcher. Any condensed wax will then cling to its walls and then drizzle to the collecting chamber, and keep the reclaim far away from your dab rig.

Are these reclaim catchers worth it?

Those who are regular users will find plenty of reclaim build-up hence investing in a reclaim catcher will make sense. However, if you seldom consume then buying the reclaim catcher may not be useful. However, if it is inside the rig, then it needs more effort. By using alcohol, you can clean it.

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