Generally, explosion proof lightings are integral part of any kind of business which operates in all kind of hazardous environments, where potentially explosive gases or vapors are present. People working in such a hazardous environment will constantly be exposed to the threat of any explosions which may occur if certain safety precautions are not properly implemented.

Therefore, it is very important for you to realize how explosion proof lighting will benefit your business and also offer safety to your workers. However, often it may be confusing to exactly define what will constitute an explosion proof lighting fixture.

Also, how it can differ from standard lighting fixtures. In this article we will try to provide a comprehensive overview about explosion proof lighting which can help you to make a more informed decision particularly for your own business.

LED Explosion Proof lighting are a structure of lights that, as the name states, are impervious to blasts. These lights are mechanical and are utilized in the open air and indoor settings. They are mostly introduced in an unsafe zone, which are areas that are viewed as risky because of utilizing contain fumes, combustible fluids, or gases in adequate amounts that could cause a blast or flames.

Instances of unsafe areas where you will discover LED Explosion Proof Lighting incorporate harbours where fuel and oil are stacked, siphoning stations, treatment facility production lines, workshops and assembling plants that produce paint, plants that smelt metals, sea stages for mining, boats, and marine vessels, aviation areas, plants that utilization or produce synthetics, military territories, processes that make flour, any sort of refineries, electrical or power plants and stations.

LED Explosion Proof Lighting are additionally suggested for whatever other areas that may have high temperatures, high mugginess, and residue. They are without a doubt extra sturdy and specifically designed to withstand cruel situations.

The basic concept of explosion-proof lighting

Explosion proof lighting is light installations that have higher warmth resilience and structure with the end goal that they won’t break or detonate on account of the crisis. They are frequently utilized in places like force plants, marine applications, mines and production lines. They are intended to remain running and whole should a mishap occur. They are required in codes known as Class I div II and class 1 div 1, so frequently alluded to by that name.

When are they required?

Explosion-proof lights are required in codes known as Class I div Ii and class 1 div 1. These are a piece of the construction code and they apply in instances of intensity plants, research centres, certain industrial facilities, and marine applications.  In any event, when not determined by code, they are frequently utilized on the grounds that they are known to be more solid and lenient contrasted with standard apparatuses.

LED Explosion Proof Lights ought to be utilized in any Class I, Division 1 or 2 areas, where the danger of blast exists, or in an area where there is potential for the danger of blast.  As LED Explosion Proof Lights are intended to be exceptionally sturdy, they are likewise an extraordinary light decision for any area where having an extra solidly planned apparatus would be favorable. LED Explosion Proof Lights are likewise appropriate for a place where wellbeing and security would bring true serenity.

Some of the best explosion proof lighting is given below.

  • 100 Watt LED Hazardous Location light – Class I Div II approved -Explosion Proof Light- 12,000 Lumens – 5000K
  • 200 Watt LED Hazardous Location light – Hanging Design – Class I Div II approved – 28,000 Lumens – 5000K
  • 150 Watt LED Hazardous Location light – Class I Div II approved – 17,000 Lumens – 5000K
  • 150 Watt LED Hazardous Location light – Hanging Design – Class I Div II approved – 21,000 Lumens – 5000K
  • 200 Watt LED Hazardous Location light – Class I Div II approved -Explosion Proof Light- 24,000 L


Most of us as industrial experts may understand about numerous benefits that such explosion proof lighting will bring to your business. Hence, we will highly encourage you to incorporate various uses of explosion proof lights particularly if your business operates in certain confined space at any hazardous location.

Besides, the low visibility and also mobility of certain confined spaces, like oil rigs and petrochemical plants, it is necessary to install such explosion proof lights for carrying out various maintenance and inspection activities.

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