SEO terms like paid traffic, organic traffic, direct traffic, search traffic, etc. can be confusing to beginners. Search traffic means users who land on your website via search engine. When they come in search of your product or services on Google, a list of relevant results is displayed and fortunately, the user clicks on your link and lands on your website.

Paid search traffic vs. organic search traffic

Search traffic types are organic search and paid search. The latter is used to have ads displayed on the top search result page for specific keywords through the Google Adword program. Users land on your website, when they click your paid ads, so these get recorded as paid search traffic in the analytic tool.

While in the former, when users come in search of your brand, the crawlers display links after evaluating sites based on different factors called algorithms. All the visitors that land on your site clicking these search results it is recorded as organic search traffic in the analytical tool.

With the help of professionals from the Sydney SEO agency, you can gain free traffic 24/7, but you need to give time for SEO to work and attract results. While with PPC ads, you gain fast results. However, you need to pay every time users click on your ad. Australian Internet Advertising can help in your PPC ad management to get traffic and get it converted into sales.

Another key difference is when paid ads get stopped the traffic starts to fade, while with organic search your site traffic consists as long as you enjoy top rankings.

Importance of organic traffic

Organic traffic is crucial for your website than paid search traffic or Facebook ad traffic.

‘Simple reason – Organic search traffic is ‘TARGETED’’

People type queries in the search box with specific intent. If you offer them an answer or solution, then the chances of adding new email subscribers or customers or followers increase. Natural traffic enhances credibility because people trust Google’s search page rankings.

Gain high qualified prospects

Traffic numbers are crucial but its quality counts. What is the use of traffic that visits your page and leave without buying? Search intent determines the traffic quality. With search query having specific intent land on your website you can convert them into customers.

Making efforts for organic traffic is a long-term approach

Paid search traffic needs consistent investment, manipulation, and maintenance. You get rapid results but are short-lived. You stop fueling it with cash, momentum gets lost. Organic search traffic is evergreen. Establishing your ranking on the search engine takes some time but it will help your website for years.

Maintenance is involved because the SEO landscape fluctuates regularly. Google ranking factors and algorithms evolve, so you need to be on top to enhance your results.

Organic search traffic ultimately seems to be cost-effective

Paid ad campaigns need a massive budget to keep it in motion. Organic search is a low-cost and high impact in comparison. It is not free but still cheaper than a paid ad. Ultimately, you get a high ROI for a long time.

Organic traffic rewards you with high credibility, builds brand awareness, and appeals to customers consistently!

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