If you want to succeed in driver’s license assessment then you need to master the skill of taking a U-turn. Just like parallel parking, taking a three-point turn is an area of worry for those who are preparing to get their license.

If you are learning a three-point turn, then make sure that the location you choose has less traffic and is devoid of mailboxes, ditches, and other obstacles, etc. Here, we are telling you a few tips to take a three-point turn.

Tips when taking a U-turn

  • Start a U-turn from the path instantly to the left of the dividing strip of the road.
  • You may be taking a turn from any location on the left of the middle with an exception from a bus lane or bike lane.
  • Give way to other pedestrians, and traffic and do not unreasoningly hinder traffic coming from the behind or front.

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Do not start a U-turn except when:

  • you have a complete view for an adequate distance of any coming traffic
  • You can make the U-turn without hindering the free traffic movement.
  • where there is a break in the median strip or no U-turn symbol at an intersection
  • where there is no U-turn symbol at any other place until the end or next intersection of the road
  • at a juncture where there are located traffic lights
  • across a dividing strip, painted island or single continuous dividing line
  • across a dividing strip, or double continuous dividing line
  • on a one-way road
  • Unless the U-turn allowed sign is shown on traffic light.

What are 3-point turns and how to make it safely?

3-point turns are made in areas where space boundaries make it dangerous or unreasonable to make a U-turn.

  • Find a location to make the turn where you will find no obstructions in the form of lamp posts, or parked cars.
  • Check the mirrors and make sure there is no traffic approaching from either direction.
  • Signal right for five seconds and make sure there is no one coming out along the street.
  • Turn the steering wheel to the right side while you move your vehicle in the forward direction.
  • Put your car in the reverse direction and start reversing slowly by turning your steering wheel to the left.
  • Select first gear and look for any oncoming pedestrians or vehicles.
  • Do a 3-point turn with the help of the reverse and forward gears when the road is broad enough to execute a U-turn.


A three-point driving license is a beneficial skill that every driver should have. However, drivers should use this driving strategy should be used only when there is no other option available. The above tips will help you learn the three-point turn easily.

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