Joining a community group can be a great way to not only improve your life, but the lives of others in your town, state, nation, or world.


You may think at first, “aren’t governments the only ones that really affect social change?” While the answer is that yes, governments and governing bodies do have a lot of influence on how social change is mitigated, they are not responsible for all of it, or perhaps not even the most essential elements of it. The Underground Railroad, the Suffragettes, MADD, all of these groups were organized by private citizens. They were individuals who gathered together to improve the lives of others around them, and they did.  

History is full of examples of people and groups who rallied together to not only find a sense of belonging and community with each other, united by a common cause or interest, but to improve the world around them. Modern history as well has seen positive changes brought through the efforts of organizations like PETA, Doctors Without Borders, and World Vision.

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So where do you start? How do you become involved in a group that can affect the world around you for the better? The exciting news is, you can start right where you are at. Chances are your local city or suburb has a variety of committees, organizations, and other groups that already exist to help bring about positive change. You could participate in your HOA, volunteer at a local charity, or join a community improvement group. 

If you want to think broader in scale, you definitely can. You can find state and nationwide gatherings where items like Iran and United States relations are valued, world peace is sought after, or environmental protection is the aim. Chances are if you have a fire in your soul to help improve the world is some way, there are others out there who have it to. 


In the digital age, never has been connecting with others been more convenient. You can find people all over the globe with the click of a button. Whether you come together (virtually) to discuss US and Iran diplomatic relations, or how to become a household that leaves a smaller carbon footprint, you can benefit from the wisdom and input of others without ever having to leave the house. 

Finally, if there currently doesn’t exist the specific interest group that you are looking for, you can start your own. From improving iran united states relations to building homeless shelters, when private citizens join together for a common cause the world can be impacted for the better, together.

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