Your wall color plays a big part in your home’s ambiance and should be based on how you want the room to feel like, not on popular trends. Selecting the best paint for your house is all about understanding the mood you want for that specific area, your personal style, and picking the right combination of shades.

Here are the ideal wall colors for each room in your home:


Bedrooms are for relaxing and unwinding, so it’s best to avoid bright and bold hues. Instead, opt for cooler tones, especially blue. Research shows that people get more sleep in a room with this color. Its association with the sky and sea makes it very comforting and even lowers your blood pressure. Keep the shade low in saturation but high in brightness to maximize the tranquil mood. If you want something livelier, try modern and icygreens like pistachio or mint.

While they might be next to blues in the color wheel, avoid purples and violets. According to studies, it can actually have negative effects on your sleep. Research also shows that caramel-colored rooms make people feel frisky and cool, gray-tinted browns can dampen someone’s mood.

Living Room

Main areas like the living room usually need a neutral background. White, beige, and gray are ideal since they allow you to infuse brighter colors and patterns. With this, you can play around with artistic rugs, furniture, and décor without overwhelming the space.

Since most social situations are high-energy, loud colors might make the atmosphere too overwhelming. Stray away from dark or saturated shades as well, as too many deep tones can feel heavy. If you don’t want the room to be too neutral, try to go for something warm like pale sienna.

Kitchen and Dining Area

These are some of the few rooms that look great with bright tones. It’s where the whole family gathers, so it should be warm and welcoming. Yellow gives the illusion of sunshine, which comes in handy for mornings where everyone’s feeling a little sleepy. Golden-based shades are also ideal if you want something cheerful, but not too loud.

Reds, oranges, and yellows can also stimulate the appetite. But, once you add a hint of green, this can make the room look sickly, which is definitely not something you want near food.


Soft colors like subtle rose quartz create a flattering environment for all skin tones. It can even make you feel warmer when you step out of the shower. Pale yellows and pinks can mimic sunlight, perfect for bathrooms that lack natural lighting. If you want to give it a spa-like atmosphere, go for sage or blue-greens.

Stray away from neon since they can make a room feel constricted. Bathrooms tend to be smaller, and painting it a loud color can result in a tighter and visually overwhelming space.

While there’s no definite rule in choosing the wall colors of your home, it’s better to pick shades based on how you want the room to make you feel. Thankfully, there are plenty of residential painters in Kennesaw, GA, who can help you set the tone and ambiance of your house.

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