Flowers are a great way to breathe life into your lawn. But, maintaining and taking care of plants isn’t the easiest thing, especially if you’re not used to it. Thankfully, Mother Nature is very forgiving when it comes togardening, and some basic skills and easy to grow flora are enough to give color and beauty to your yard.

Here are 3 flowers perfect for beginners:


These plants are perfect for new gardeners. They grow quickly and are easy to handle, so it won’t be too long before they start coloring your lawn. Just about any bedding type will do well for marigolds,but moist and well-drained soils are ideal. Wait until the spring frosts have ended before scattering them so they can bloom faster. If you want these vibrant flowers in your yard, you can purchase their seeds in packets that come with specific instructions on how to plant them.

Marigolds come in various sizes, from tall ones for your borderto small types for beds and containers. They’re also nearly indestructible, able to survive heat, dry spells, and even hard frosts.


These are large and very easy to handle, which makes them popular among children and beginners. Just find a sunny and sheltered spot in your yard and watch them grow. They don’t need much fertilizer, and they can thrive even in the soggiest soils. You don’t have to worry about the dry seasons either since they can withstand weathering droughts. Make sure to provide some support on their stem when they get tallerso they’ll stay upright and won’t droop due to their weight.

Sunflowers come in variousspecies such as the “Shock-O-Lat,” which has giant, chocolate-brown blooms with golden tips. Apart from bringing color and beauty to your lawn, their seeds are also good for your health and would be a perfect addition to your garden salad.


This is probably the easiest and most effortless flower to plant. All you need to do is scatter their seeds across a patch of bare soil and watch them grow. As they wilt over time, they’ll set grains for the following year.

Nigellas are known as “Love in a Mist” because of their beautiful flowers with blue, white, and pink shades on theirbase. They’re shaped like a jewel with delicate petals and have an amazing fragrance that spreads throughout the garden.

Gardening has never been easier when it comes to these 3 flowers. If you need more help with maintaining your whole yard, don’t hesitate to contact a reliable Atlanta lawn care companythat can provide professional assistance.

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