Faucets are indispensable, so it is crucial to keep them working in good condition. A leaky faucet is an irritating home issue. The dripping sound disturbs your sleep and even concentration while working on a project from home.

A small leak can waste several water gallons down the day every day. It even adds to your water bill. If you ignore this for a year, just imagine the money you could have saved against water wastage that could have been sufficient to fill up a swimming pool.

Common causes of a drippy faucet

  • Worn-out cartridge – Cartridge faucet drip can be because the cartridge itself has deteriorated and needs a replacement. Ensure to have it swapped with a matching cartridge.
  • O-ring issue – A worn-out or loose O-ring can be an issue in cartridge faucets. O-ring is a tiny disc attached to the stem screw, which supports the faucet handle. The faucet will show leaks near the handle.
  • Corroded valve seat – In case, you find a leak originating from the spout, then the issue can be with the valve seat. The valve seat connects the spout and the faucet. Water buildup sediments can cause corrosion. This can be averted with the professional cleaning of valve seat.
  • Washer problems – Washer rests against valve seat. During every use, the washer gets forced against valve seat causing consistent friction. This friction between both parts causes washer to exhaust and wear out. Around the sprout, water starts to leak. This especially happens in compression faucets. Worn-out washers need to be replaced. Even if washer is of the wrong size or installed incorrectly leaks can occur.
  • Corroded seals – Just like valve seats the inlet &outlet seals get corroded because of water-sediment buildup.
  • Water pressure – Sometime you will find that the tap leaks at a specific time or when the handle gets moved in a certain way. This problem can be due to water pressure.
  • Loose parts – Over time, in-stream screw the packing nuts and adjusting ring become loose. This causes drip around the handle of the faucet. Tighten or replace the packing nut to fix it.

For many homeowners, leaky faucets are the DIY thing but sometimes even with quick fixes, the issue keeps returning. The main reason is that you did not do it correctly the very first time. Call the professional Hills District plumbing services because of the following reasons.

Reasons to call professional plumbers

  • Leaks cause unseen damages to the foundation and home structure, which allows the breed of mold, and mildew. This can be lethal to the health of everyone residing under the roof. Avoid health hazard!
  • Even a tiny leak can impact the environment significantly. Due to global warming, growing population, and increase in drought condition indicates that precious water resources need to be conserved. Professional plumber helps to fix the taps for good. Save Water!
  • Water resources demand has increased because of a decrease in rainfall. So, the water utilities increased dramatically. Resolving water leaks saves lots of water and thus you save money against water bills.
  • Structural damage due to leaky taps, if ignored can buildup and the solution will be an expensive and lengthy process. Fix leaky pipes or taps professionally at a small cost!

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