The importance of tooth is only realized when due to undesired reasons you miss your tooth or it gets damaged. Naturally severely damaged tooth is removed by the dentist to prevent any further oral health issues. Hence, you miss a tooth, and you may experience few dental problems.

The problems you might encounter are as follows:

  • You will not be able to chew food properly thus you swallow resulting in indigestion issues.
  • Your facial muscles appear sagging. Yes, your teeth hold your jaw bones and stimulate them to function properly. In the absence of teeth gradually the jaw bone erodes resulting in change in facial structure.
  • You lose your confidence to smile or laugh freely before others. Your social life does get affected as you become conscious of your missing teeth and thus smile less or you not like to speak with anyone.
  • You are unable to speak clearly when you lose teeth. Your speech is affected thus affects communication.

There are only two solutions to solve the problem of lost tooth. They are implanting permanent or removable dentures. Few decades back only removable denture was used to help tooth loss. The dentures are attached to a gum like base made of colored plastic that is connected to a metal frame. They can be removed any time and acts just like original teeth, but they aren’t good for maintaining your oral health. Moreover, they might become loose, thus the users may face difficulties that makes them uncomfortable. Finally, they are happy to live without any dentures.

Then permanent dentures were introduced that brought in revolutionary changes in dentistry. The fixed dentures functioned exactly like original tooth thus its user is safe from any oral health issues. Today, they are the most favored implants that is fixed surgically in the patient’s jaw bone to hold artificial teeth.

More about fixed dentures and its benefits:

Tooth loss results in replacing them with artificial tooth that looks similar to originals. They are mounted on metal posts fixed in the jaw bone. This helps in making the mounted teeth remain fixed to function exactly like the original lost tooth.


  • The main advantage is your oral health issues are well maintained, thus your jaw bone, gum tissues stay intact. The implants replace the real tooth roots thus stimulate the growth of tissues and don’t let deteriorating of jaw bone density.
  • They are quite comfortable to wear all the time. The wearer will not feel any alignment issues in the mouth. Moreover, there won’t be any fear that the implants may get lose thus no need to be extra careful while eating or while speaking with others.
  • It enhances the facial features and aging symptoms like sagging of jaw muscles won’t happen. It greatly helps to beautify the person’s smile.

Fixed dental implant dentures are the best alternative to original teeth, thus it is better to have them implanted by expert dentist like Dr. Michael Nugent. The dentist health care unit is in Pasadena, Texas. For gaining more details log on to

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