People have been using seawater, as it is widely available resource and can be used for various purposes like:

  • Fishing
  • Electricity production
  • Medicine development
  • Production of salt
  • Industrial cooling system
  • As an important water resource

Besides that, seawater treatment is done to obtain water for human consumption too.

Nowadays, various new real-estate developments is trying to use seawater effectively for cooling purpose and also in the heating systems too as sea water offers many different advantages.

When any DC plant is placed within the residential complex, usually designers will prefer to disguise it by placing it inside the basement location.

Following are few good reasons why seawater is considered to be beneficial for using as a cooling system in any residential complex or even a city.

  • No fresh water consumption

For various cooling systems, the water used are directly taken from sea because it can drive all the heat away from DC plant condenser.

Such one-pass-through method would mean that entire water taken from sea will be released back, without any water losses. Hence, no extra fresh water is needed.

  • Building integration flexibility

Any cooling plant usually remains hidden completely inside a building, which makes the system little more appealing visually. Thus, it will have positive impact both visually as well as acoustically.

Also, for any big luxury development of real-estate it can be an important feature to have better aesthetics and comfort.

  • More stable efficiencies

Plant efficiency usually depends on condensation temperature and seawater temperature often is much lower temperature than ambient temperature, and thus increasing the efficiency of coiling plant.

Besides that, the sea water generally is subjected to lesser temperature variations because it is very big water mass, and as a result it will be more efficient.

  • No rooftop usage

Since the heat will be driven away by seawater, hence it is not essential to install any heat exchangers to reject hot air into the atmosphere, like air-cooled condensers or any cooling towers.

This may also need use of rooftop for different purposes, which is often a very important space for various recreational uses.

  • No chemical storage

It is essential to treat seawater for avoiding proliferation of the marine life in eco-system. Therefore, for this purpose, seawater’s own salt can be utilized by means of electro-chlorination system.

Few parts of seawater can be converted into anti-biofouling, to avoid consumption of any other components that could be added into the sea water.

  • Sustainable technology

During the process, there will be no contact between the seawater and all other fluids like oils and refrigerants, and hence water is released back into sea without any change but with slight temperature increase.

As seawater is abundantly available which covers almost 70 per cent of the surface of earth but fresh water can be a very limited resource which represents just 3.5 per cent of total water resources available in the planet.

Out of which, 70 per cent remains frozen in the polar areas.

Seawater can be an optimal solution for various new real estate developments where flow rate of seawater is sufficient enough to be economically and technically feasible.

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