It is sad to see our furry friends struggling with some kind of illness, but sometimes even with veterinary treatment, it fails to help the dog or cat feel better. Fortunately, you can choose a natural option called medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has been beneficial to humans. Even your furry friends can enjoy the benefit because they too have endocannabinoid systems like humans.

The majority of grave illnesses are due to CECD or Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency. CECD condition is treatable with CBD or cannabidiol. Even pet-related disorders and illnesses may be dictated by endocannabinoid deficiency, so why not try CBD?

Cannabis means smoking weeds but marijuana is lethal to furry animals. So, how can medical marijuana help? Well, recreational cannabis has THC, which induces a high, but CBD is a non-psychoactive effect.

Medical marijuana includes CBD extracts got from hemp. Hemp belongs to the cannabis family but is high in CBD and negligible in THC. Hemp-based CBD oil is unable to give your dog a ‘high’. The usage of CBD oil having 0.3% THC is regarded as legal.

cbd for pets

On, you will find CBD for pets in different forms like edible treats and tinctures in a variety of flavors like cheese, bacon, fish, etc. Oil or tinctures can be blended with food. Soft chewable treats are available that allows CBD absorption orally as well as via GI tract.

CBD benefits for pets

Considering the resemblance of ECS receptors in men and animals, it is logical to believe that CBD products can treat conditions like pain, inflammation, infections, anxiety, spasms, skin issues, arthritis, glaucoma, and more in animals as efficiently as in humans.

There are pet owners across the world talking about how CBD oil or tinctures or treats have saved their furry friends from the struggle of painful arthritis or tumor or seizures or bloating.

CBD dosage for pets

CBD is a biphasic compound, so it has extremely different effects at high and low dosage. It means more CBD is not better. The dose depends on the severity of the condition. For anxiety, low to medium dosage is sufficient, whereas during seizures high dosage will be effective.

CBD is non-toxic, so overdosing will not cause fatalities. However, it can trigger side effects like over-active appetite and sedation. It is necessary to consult your veterinarian first, especially when your pet is on medications. The best option is to start small and increase CBD dosage every week until the desired benefit is visible.

1mg CBD per every 10 pounds of your pet’s body weight is recommended. You can choose to give this dosage once or twice every day.

CDB for humans Vs. CBD for pets

CBD for humans and animal consumption is similar in respect to the cultivation and extraction process. Effects felt by pets and out bodies are same as it affects the same ECS receptors.

Overdosing effects are also the same but when you give CBD products meant for humans to your dog there is the concentration level to be considered. Concentration given to your pet has to precise to their height and weight. To avoid such situations, use pet-focused CBD tinctures or oil while treating your dog.

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