Almost everyone wears jewelry. This is true whether they’re man, woman, adult, or child. Plus, since each culture has its own take on jewelry, you can just imagine how many types there are.

The good news is that jewelry can be segregated into 5 categories based on where they’re worn, which include the head, neck, arms, hands, and body. Read on to learn more.

Head Jewelry

If you think about it, there’s a type of jewelry for every area of the head. Here are some examples:

  • Hair Jewelry – This type includes crowns that are placed on top of the head and hairpins that are used to adorn someone’s hair.
  • Nose Jewelry– Septum, rhino, Austin bar, nostril, and nasallang are a few examples of this type of jewelry.
  • Mouth Jewelry– Grills are gemstones and/or metal pieces that are attached to the teeth.
  • Ear Jewelry-Earrings are worn on the earlobe, cartilage, and other parts of the ear.On the other hand, ear cuffs are jewelry that can be attached to the ear with or without piercing.

Neck Jewelry

This is one of the earliest types of jewelry. It’s often used for ceremonial or religious purposes, or as a status symbol for wealth and power.

The most common jewelry for this type is necklaces. These are string or metal links that highlight an ornamental bead, jewelry, or metal piece, like pendants.

Arm Jewelry

Arm bands made of precious metal are worn around the biceps and were used by military personnel during the Bronze Age to differentiate ranks.

Mean while, arm  jewelry these days are mostly for fashion. Bracelets and bangles are derived from the arm band and can be made of metal, string, or rubber.

Hand Jewelry

When you think of hand jewelry, it’s always the ring that comes to mind. It’s typically made of metal and worn for different reasons. Aside from being a simple ornament, it’s used to symbolize marriage, achievement, wealth, or membership in an exclusive organization. Certain myths and fables are centered around rings, as they’re often believed to be endowed with spiritual significance.

Body Jewelry

This is a type of jewelry worn from the waist up to below the neck. One example of this is navel rings or belly button piercings. Another example is belly chains, which are worn around the waist and are often made of silver or gold.

Body jewelry can be clipped to clothes as well. Broaches are one example. They are decorated with gem stones and are ornamental.

These are the 5 main types of ornaments you can find in the best jewelry store Atlanta. Buy one the next time you’re looking for something to spice up your look.


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