Having an aquarium at home is fun and is apt for adding some color to your surroundings. Observing aquatic pets lowers blood pressure and stress level. There are a number of things that can go wrong while setting up an aquarium. One of the important decisions is choosing the right fish tank.

If you are looking for a fish tank that remains the focal point of your living room, you require a tank that is neither too big nor too small and can accommodate a number of fishes. A 30 gallon fish tank is perfect as this size makes it possible to house an interesting combination of species and plants. You could even use it as a palladium.

Steps to install a fish tank:

Pick your fish tank:

Start by deciding on the fish tank. Visit ‘fishtankfocus.com’ to gain access to genuine reviews of aquarium equipment. The site has been hailed by users of being extremely informative. Go through the online reviews to select the tank that suits your needs and budget. Some of their popular suggestions for 30-gallon volume include:

  • Sea Clear Acrylic Combo set: The surface of the acrylic is clearer than glass thus offering an amazing view. It looks aesthetically pleasing, is leak-proof and lighter than glass. It can get quite tricky while feeding the fish since the top gets in the way.
  • Cora life LED Bio cube aquarium kit: If you want a fully-automated aquarium and willing to pitch in more cash, this one fits the bill. Its curved edges make it safer and aesthetically appealing.
  • Aqua culture aquarium starter kit: It comes with all the necessary kit and is easy to set up. The glass surface is sturdy and doesn’t crack easily. You won’t be bothered by any sudden noises since the filter is entirely submersible.

Choose the ideal stand:

The stand must be selected based on the dimensions of your fishing tank. The stand’s strength must match the tank’s gallon capacity. The popular recommendations for 30-gallon tanks are:

  • Aquatic Fundamentals 30-45 gallon upright aquatic stand: Made of long-lasting fiberboard, it is moisture-resistant and can handle up to 45 gallons volume.
  • Titaneze 30-gallon tank stand: It is easy to assemble and comes with a powder-coating which makes it rust-resistance and withstand water-damage.

Aquarium equipped specific for 30-gallon tanks:

Heater, hood and filters are some of the must-have equipment. Other equipment’s include lights, gravel vacuum, pump etc.

Heater: It is important to maintain a constant water temperature. The size of the tank doesn’t impose more demands on the heater. A handy, automatic and adjustable one would suffice. The commonly preferred ones are Tetra HT submersible aquarium heater with electronic thermostat 50 watt and Cascade Heat 10” Aquarium heater 150 watt.

Filter: Keep the impurities at bay by selecting Tetra Whisper EX 45 Filter, Aqueon Quiet flow LED Pro aquarium power filter or Marine land magniflow canister filter 220 GPH.

Do a research about the fish which can be placed inside a 30-gallon aquarium. Peaceful or semi-aggressive fishes are ideal choices. Fill the tank with dechlorinated water and cycle it at regular intervals to keep the water clean. Regular maintenance is the key to healthy fishes.

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