Chandeliers are piece of art that adds sophistication to any room. An intricate chandelier has the power to transform a plain bland space instantly. It is the only light fixture that retains all the attention if when the lights are switched off or dimmed. Some homeowners may be apprehensive about opting for chandeliers as they find it too fancy.

It is not only about elevating the aesthetic appeal of a room. It saves floor space. Unlike other lighting fixtures, chandeliers don’t disrupt the flow of the room. There are many chandelier styles available – modern, formal, causal etc. It is totally possible to find one that suits every room/home style. No matter which style you choose, it will be the focal point of attraction.

Step up your décor with black chandeliers:

Some may find black intimidating. You’ll never know until you try it. Black is perfect for accentuating features and creating contrasts. Are you someone who feels black chandeliers sound unusual? That’s exactly what works in the favor of these eye-catching chandeliers. They are unique and add a dramatic touch to your entire room.

Chandeliers are a popular choice for dining rooms. Wow your guests by installing a black chandelier in your dining room. Choose this black rectangle chandelier from Sofary. Sofary is one the top manufacturers of lighting fixtures in Seattle, Zhongshan and Shenzhen. Their fixtures are of top quality. Browse through their other collection in their website.

Types of black chandeliers:

Black chandeliers are broadly classified into gothic and modern deco. The choice of the chandelier depends on the interiors of the room.

Gothic black chandelier: The vampire craze has amplified people’s interest in gothic black chandelier. A dramatic look is achieved by removing several lights or dimming the lights. Candle chandeliers create the same mysterious effect when the flames flicker on the walls.

Deco black chandelier: They are ideal for rooms with modern interiors. While gothic ones have dangling faceted crystals that elevate its drama quotient, the deco ones reply solely on their form to establish the mood of the room. A couple of black scone lights can be included for extra effect.

Popular choices of black chandeliers:

  • Beacon pendant: Pendants are stylish and stunning when used as a single statement piece or when clustered as a group. There are pendant chandeliers formed from split rattan that complement the dining space.
  • Clara chandelier: These caged style chandelier strike the right balance between casual and opulent. They are ideal for living rooms with high ceilings. The assembly work required is minor making your job easier.
  • TwiPi chandelier: They create a string visual impact in the room installed. It is made of mirror-polished aluminum blades cut using computerized technology. Its interior and exterior is equally interesting.
  • Le Moyen: Its large diameter and perfect geometry makes it stunning. If you want combined little doses of elegance and drama, Le Moyen is the apt choice.

Black chandeliers are extremely versatile and can be installed in any room. It’s not going to look over the top. Instead it would give your home a nice dramatic and sophisticated touch.

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