One of the benefits of having a professionally designed, installed and managed beer tap system in Austin is the consistency you get with every beer poured. A less obvious benefit is the maintenance that comes with it. Here are some general guidelines for basic maintenance for your system.

Line Cleaning Every Two Weeks

Protein and films build up in the vacuum atmosphere of a draft beer system. That not only can cause blockages eventually, if left unchecked, it also can affect the quality of the beer you offer your customers. An alkaline detergent is used to flush out the system (generally the chemical is recirculated through the line for a minimum of 15 minutes at a velocity of about two gallons every minute.)

This removes protein and built-up film and leaves your lines clear of debris and other quality affecting substances. After the chemical flush, the lines are flushed with water to ensure no detergent lingers.

Hardware Cleaning

Like any system with moving parts, dirt and debris build up and if ignored, can affect the performance of the equipment. Internal parts like seals and gaskets can rot and in the worst case, tear. That can lead to leaking and blockages.

To avoid that, all hardware should be disassembled and cleaned every two weeks. After disassembly, gaskets and seals should be inspected; if they show wear or are damaged, they should be replaced. All hardware should be cleaned with a mild detergent and scrubbed until any dirt or grime that is sticking is removed.

If hardware like couplers, faucets and shanks are consistently maintained, they will last a lifetime. Insisting on stainless steel components will also prolong the lifetime of your equipment.

Other Maintenance

Every quarter, your entire system should be cleaned with an acidic solution that removes all inorganic buildup, such as “beer stone.” Vinyl jumpers and direct draw lines should be replaced annually and draught lines should be inspected and if needed, replaced.

If you used your system to pour any liquid with a distinctive flavor, you should replace your line when you are done serving that drink. In some cases, flavored drinks can linger in a system and influence the taste of your beer. Couplers should be regularly inspected for wear and if needed, replaced; they should also be regularly lubricated with a food-grade lubricant.

A well-maintained beer tap system in Austin, will all but guarantee your beer is poured in optimum condition, providing your customers with an experience to remember.

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