“Tranny’ is a short form for transgender or transsexual [TS], just like homo for homosexuals. It is used to define a person that has undergone a process of gender change. In general, individuals born as males undergo surgery and hormone therapy to change their personality to that of a female.

Why TS escorts are found attractive? 

Many people are attracted sexually to trans escort because they are models of femininity. They are receptive to different sexual practice forms and respond well when they are treated as female.

T-escorts extremely understand and accept differences than any traditional companions. Because of their appreciation for an alternative lifestyle, T-escorts can bring an individual element that can be obtained from a normal relationship.

Tranny escorts offer companionship services either female to male [FtM] or male to female [MtF]. Basically, all the TS adult entertainers are MtF, also popular as ‘Shemale’. If you desire to enjoy the companionship with a tranny escort visit LoveSita.com.

There is a vast catalog of gorgeous women that are transgender adults looking to offer interested partners a quality companion service. LoveSita is an online escort agency based in Paris offering shemale companion services.

Three kinds of TS escorts

  1. Active TS escorts are bisexual, flirtatious, and feminine.
  2. Passive TS escorts undergo hormone treatment, preferably a beautiful and nymphomaniac ladyboy.
  3. Versatile TS escorts are active and passive as well as slutty and dominant.

TS escort meeting etiquettes

  • Always use language, which refers to escort as their identified gender. Avoid using the gender they had when born. An MtF transsexual is a ‘SHE’ and ‘HER’, not ‘HE’ and ‘HIM’. Using a pronoun that specifies their genetically assigned gender is considered offensive.
  • TS escorts are female and wish to be treated as ‘HER’ for all-purpose and intent.
  • Cleanliness and grooming are a standard protocol before you visit an escort. Shower, shave, apply aftershave, and dress smartly.
  • TS escorts are similar to regular ladies. They adore being charmed by some handsome guy.
  • Shemale also takes a lot of effort to appear as feminine as she can. She looks attractive and even sexually alluring than genetic girls.
  • Appearing all groomed up charm, the escort and it also helps in connecting intimately.
  • Ensure to engage with them passionately, gently and friendly.

How to please TS escort sexually?

TS escorts possibly desire to be on the receiving end, during sexual setting. It means they will be at the ‘bottom’ and not ‘on top’. Make sure to ask in advance, if you desire to be on the receiving end. Remember, TS escorts recognize themselves as being females, so you need to appreciate her feelings.

Never try to force sexual activity that will make them feel uneasy. On top reminds her genetic gender identity, so ask in advance if a giving service is offered by the potential escort you are interested to spend your special moments.

Shemales are special people struggling with the wrong identity, but in providing companion services they can revitalize your holiday with the kinkiest fun.

Have a safe and great Tranny experience keeping all the things mentioned above in mind!

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